Outreachy: the end or just a new begin?

The Outreachy internship has ended up to me (cries in Spanish), but to you can be your opportunity to apply to the next round! See information about application here: https://outreachy.gnome.org/?q=program_home&prg=7 (I really would like to apply again :'(, unfortunately I can't), you can also read the first blog post of this blog to see some application tips, alternatively there is also the blog post of Anjana that are also some valuable tips. And I hope it is not going to be the end to me as well, I hope to keep being a contributor to Open Source.

Because of the next round, I have been receiving some questions, and some of those doubts I had as well when I was an applicant... So I'll answer some of them here.

1) How should be the relationship with the mentors? How much I should talk to them?
I kind of had this question in my mind as well when I applied: "Am I asking too much? May s/he thinks that I am not interested enough?", but I think I have related in a good way that they didn't thought that I was a freaky, neither that I wasn't interested: I picked a bug, and started to solve it, the relationship with my mentor them was basically discuss the bug. During the internship, I could talk to him about other themes, not only work... But for a first initial contact, I would suggest to you ask basically about your work, and don't be shy: you can ask as many technical questions you want: they are hiring interns, not senior developers, so you aren't supposed to be a tech guru.

2) What if the issue I pick was too hard?
I said on my first blog post, that you should not do just a trivial collaboration (such as changing a parameter, or deleting a function), do something that you write at least a few lines of code (I think that an enhancement is better to pick than a bug, bugs often are tricky) that you can show that you have basic code skills, but you don't need to pick the issue tagged with "hard" just to impress your mentor. If the issue that you pick is too hard for you, first ask questions: ask your mentor if this contribution is really suitable to Outreachy interns and if it is the level that s/he expects from his/her interns, if so, keep calm and tell him about your difficulties: what has been hard to you? Understanding the code already there? Understanding what for is that platform? Installing the software? S/he can help you on that, your mentor was a beginner such as you one day. Alternatively, you can ask for a easier bug as a introduction to the hardest one.

3) You've traveled to Germany, England and US with Outreachy. Am I going to travel that much as well?
I don't know, each case is a case. I know that all Outreachy interns that works to Mozilla are invited to "Mozilla All Hands" ("mine" edition was in London, and for this round, it is going to be in Hawaii!!), so at least one travel you are supposed to do. But I don't know if you are going to receive invitations to extra meetings, I think it depends on your team and your work.

 if you have extra questions, mail me: aninhacostaribeiro@gmail.com


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