Lessons from Outreachy

It is almost unbelievable that the internship is almost finished! There is only two weeks to go! Seems that it started yesterday! Many things have happened since the beginning and on this post I'll comment my impressions about the program in general.

Now I am almost finished with my main project, which was making the reports look good even with Content Security Police on, you can read details about this project was thought on my mentor's blog. Hopefully, this week, we are going to release the version 1.10.0 of Pytest-HTML which will include my main summer project. When it is ready, I'll write a post about it. Now I am working on an issue that I suggested: creating unit tests to Java Script code, maybe I'll let this issue to our work week in Mountain View - California (yes, I am going into one more trip because of Outreachy! If you like traveling, you should definitely join Mozilla on Outreachy haha :P), and work on minor issues for this week.

During the internship I could learn many things, starting from Python: I just had one semester of Python more than one year ago, and never worked on big projects with it (just a small calculator or something like that)! I only had previous experience in Java, I learned many things, from creating constructors to classes with optional parameters to what was Flake8 (and I thank my mentor, Dave, to be so patient with some of my errors and to help me). It was so good to see that I could learn a new programing language and work on a bigger project without much effort. It was very good to be out of my comfort zone, I feel that I can face any technology change and adapt to it.

Another way to get out of my comfort zone in this project, was that it was my first time working only in English with mostly native English speakers, and when I thought about applying to this program, I was a little afraid that I would not be able to communicate well and my first thought was to apply to a project mentored by a Brazilian, but fortunately he had too much applicants and told me to find another project: talking like that, you may think this guy is rude or something like that, but he is lovely (I meet him in London), it was just because I felt good on this project, and I could assert that my English is not that bad: for sure, sometimes I misunderstand something, or I do some spell/grammar error, but I just can ask my mentor to repeat when I don't understand and write again when I do that (and not just because English is not my native language, because it happens also when I try to communicate in Portuguese). It was good to see, that yes, I can work in English.

Some things that I didn't learn and I am glad because of that were some concepts. I was glad that I already listened about all the data structures and algorithms that I faced during the project (okay, there were not so many, just simple ones like Hash, dictionaries and lists), and OOP concepts were not new at all! I am glad that I could transform the plugin on a more Object-Oriented plugin, because when I got into it, it was almost only functions, and now it has some Objects such as "Outcome" (which represents the outcome of the tests) and TestResult. I think because of that, it was easier to make some changes, such as giving support to Rerun (it was just create a new Outcome object) and just showing Rerun when actually the plugin is installed (it was just a if statement before creating this new object).

Thought, to be a better Mozilla worker, I still have to learn and adapt to many things! It was my first time working remotely with people from many different time zones! I still get confused when there is a team meeting: "Is it going to happen 9 A.M.? No! 9 A.M. California time, I think it is about 6 P.M.? No it is my mentor's time, here it is around 12 AM or PM?" :P. I still have to get more used to use IRC, for some reason, I feel totally weird when I write on one channel: I think, "am I right to post this here?", "Does anyone will be annoyed with that?". I think also, that I should have a dedicated work place and better internet connection, because I mostly work from my room, and I don't like it very much, and having to work from home I realized that my home's connection was not that good (because before I almost always stayed full time at university and used internet there).

Those are the lessons that I learned from Outreachy until now, I hope you liked my report.


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