Pytest Sprint

The fourth week of my internship was in a lovely German city named "Freiburg", I was there to take part of an event named "Pytest Sprint", and it was the first time that I went to an event of this kind!

Before going to a Sprint I didn't know what a sprint was... So if you are wondering what is that, I can explain to you: open source projects has many developers involved from all over the world, and there is no way to put together everyone other than a sprint, so a sprint in open source context is an event where the developers of a project get together.
Group photo
Participants of Pytest Sprint, people from al over the world: From Brazil and US, to China and Australia. Most of the participants were from Europe, though.

 In a sprint, the developers generally work in pairs (they are there to collaborate =P) on many different topics: from documentation to bugs solving. The sprints can be "individual events" (like, just a sprint) or a part of a bigger event (like, a pytest sprint part of a Python event). Also, during the Sprints, there are also talks with the new features of the project. I gave a small talk about Pytest-HTML.

During the pytest sprint many things happened: I did a little of everything, I helped to solve bugs, I helped a little the documentation, I did a little of my Mozilla project (Pytest-HTML) and started to think about creating a new plugin to Pytest (Pytest-Env). If you want to know details about what happened technically in the sprint, you should visit the Pytest blog.

By the way, the most amazing thing of the sprint, was the people that I meet: we had so much fun going together to Biergarten (best thing of Germany in my opinion :P), parks and so on. It was good not just to work but to create a sense of community. The Pytest Sprint week was not the most productive of my life, but it was a good week to keep motivated to keeping contributing to Pytest, and maybe get involved in other open source projects.
Amusing moments at Biergarten


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