Third week: London!

My third week of internship was a pretty special one: I went to London to the Mozilla meeting named "All Hands". This meeting happens twice a year (one in the summer and other one in the winter) and puts together all the Mozillians, from the CEO to the interns and some top contributors (volunteers to Mozilla Open Source projects), everyone (even the invited contributors) has no cost to go to this meeting, they pay everything: from the food to the visa (if needed), including flights, hotel, etc.

Me in the Police Box, in Mozilla All Hands. In the opening session of All Hands, the speakers got out of Tardis

The meeting was huge, there was more than 1,300 Mozillians and so many sessions, lectures, meetings, Hackathons, etc in two hotels in the center of London: Mozilla All Hands is definitely overwhelming for a first time attendee: there is so much to see in so little time. Even more if it happens in a city like London! You can imagine how much a new comer as me, in a such city that I have never have been before, felt!

The event was amazing, but the city even more: I could go to three nice points of the city: The Parliament, The Tower Bridge and The British Museum, it was amazing.

Me and a friend in Parliament.

Me in British Museum.

I saw many good things about London: it was very clean, it has a very good public transport system, it seems to be very safe, I haven't saw many house less people etc. But other things were quite weird to me, such as: I could barely listen to English in London, people on the streets were talking in Portuguese, Italian, Hungarian, German, etc. but so few talking in English! I could understand why the European immigration is such an issue to English people: I could not feel anything Britain in London, because there were so many foreigners there, it is like there is not a culture from London: just a crazy mix of cultures.


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