First two weeks: Filter tests by outcome

On my first two weeks as an Outreachy intern, I worked on the issue 38 of Pytest-HTML. That issue is to allow users filter tests results by its outcome. My strategy to do that is putting check-boxes on each outcome, so when the checkbox is checked, we can see the result of that outcome, but when it is unchecked, we can't see that.
Now is how it looks

A few changes has been made on Pytest-HTML code to do that. Maybe the biggest one is that before, the log row and the result row were totally separated rows, so we had to do the checking twice to hide the result and the log row. So now, both rows, are under a element, and like that, we can associate the result and its log.

On the plugin structure, a few changes were made, now there is a class named "Outcome" in the main plugin, so now the summary can be created in a much more elegant way. Maybe it can be created classes to build the table also (And it may helps on the next issue that I will work on).

Also, a few enhancements to the testing methods were created, now the assert summary (now named "assert results") is asserting more things than before, and in a more elegant and legible way.

Today I am going to travel to London, to meet my mentor and other Outreachy people! But I already started to take a look on my next issue: support to another Pytest plugin, the Automatic reruns.


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