Fun starts tomorrow!

So, it has been a few weeks since I got the big news that I was selected to Outreachy, and tomorrow my internship is finally going to start.

Since my selection,  I started to feel a bit overwhelmed (not in a bad way, actually in a great way), many things happening. First there was all the happiness of being selected to such a nice program. After that, there was an invitation of Mozilla to go to London to participate in All Hands meeting, and then a suggestion of my mentor to go to Freiburg (Germany) to take part in Pytest Sprint. So I started to plan my travel, book tickets, fill forms, etc. Now I got the news that I am going to receive a MacBook offered by Mozilla too (it all - travel to Europe, meeting so many new amazing people, 5.5 K, MacBook, etc. - still seems too good to be true).  Combined with that, there are the last weeks of my semester at school, so many school assignments as well. So, wow, many things happening.

That is how Outreachy made me feel those initial days

Well, since my application, I unfortunately didn't have much time to work on my project. The last patch I submitted was the one I used on my application. But tomorrow, the fun is supposed to begin (if I don't have 3 tests this week), I already have my first task that I agreed with my mentor: this one. This first week, I'll try to create a design to be implemented the next week.

My project for this summer is about creating enhancements to a HTML plugin to PyTest (this plugin shows tests results in a HTML page), the first enhancement that I linked above is about allowing an user to filter the results of the tests by its outcome. So I expect in two weeks come back here talking a little about the design and the implementation for this issue.


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