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Being a girl, being a Team Leader

So now I am a team leader on a project for a NGO, and being a leader means a lot for me. But there are many struggles as well, even more when you are a girl.

My first struggles were against myself and my insecurities. When I did the proposal to the NGO, I didn't put there the name of any team leader: but when a NGO representative interviewed our team, it was one of the first questions she made: who is the team leader? I was the one who wrote the proposal and invited every other team's participants (4 people), but then I didn't felt I could answer that question on that moment, so I said: "I'll tell you the answer until the end of the week". I even insinuated for a guy in my team (let's call him John*) that he should be the team leader (even thought the obvious answer for who would be the leader would be me) and fortunately he either didn't understood my insinuation or wasn't willing to take this responsibility. So I ended up being the leader.


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